May Contest Entry

As part of getting back into using Daz Studio more I decided to enter the May Freebie Challenge over on the Daz 3d Forums ( I mean the theme was pulp sci-fi/world of tomorrow, how could I not.


The pulp sci-fi idea reminded me of a site that I had seen linked a while back, the Pulp-O-Mizer. While playing around with that to get some ideas I also checked out the Title-O-Tron. One of the titles was “The Titanium Detective”. I immediately thought of a combination of noir style detective fiction with a sci-fi setting and I had my idea.


After several hours prowling around to find freebie content that could be made to work and more hours building and lighting the scene followed by about 4 hours of rendering (even with 6 cores and a decent GPU rendering raytraced lighting with metallic objects takes a while) this was my entry:

TitaniumDetective 2

I’m quite happy with how it came out and I’m even happier that I got honorable mention in the contest.

Author: Mike

Aspiring photographer and writer.